International Training Conference in Brief psychotherapies 2017 (ITCBP2017)

International Training Conference in Brief psychotherapies 2017 (ITCBP2017) is a beginning and a way to future to frame companionship among the experts in the field of Brief Therapy Practices especially on Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Though the journey started on 20th December 2017, preparations started far before, with a sense of “miles to go…” as Frost said. Delegates in the conference represented different parts of the globe.

The conference started with the presidential address by Dr. P Krishnakumar and The ceremony was honored by the presence of honorable Vice Chancellor of University of Calicut, Dr. K Mohammed Basheer; Dr. VR Rajendran, Prof. EP Embichi Koya, Dr. Santhosh KR, President, ASFP-I, Dr. Abdul Salam, Head Department of Clinical Psychology, IMHAN; Pioneers of SFBT, Dr. Michael Durrant, Dr. Arnoud Huibers,    Dr. Frances Huber, Dr. Ben Furman. After inaugural ceremony, we proceeded to different workshops. There were 5 keynotes and 21 workshops spread over last three days. We had people from 9 different countries and from different states of India.

This has been wonderful get together of the like minds, and we shared our thoughts and experience through addresses, workshops and scientific papers. I am confident; Solution-Focused Practices have a huge scope in India. Now it is just in its inception. More expeditions have to be made in different fields, not only in clinical practice but in industry, education, community, coaching, supervision, and research.

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