Association for Solution Focused Practices – India (ASFP-I), is an NGO that promotes Solution Focused Approaches in the field of mental health, education, consultation and therapeutic practices, for the individual and organizational wellbeing, all over India . ASFP-I intends to create a safe space for everyone, without any biases and discrimination- a place which promotes physical, mental, spiritual and educational empowerment and development of the general public.We offers research grants, scholarships and fellowships for the advancement of Solution Focused Short Treatment. ASFP-I is a platform for individuals to share ideas and upcoming research in the field. The International Annual Conference on Solution Focused Practices (ICSFP) is conducted every two years.


To promote and advocate on Solution Focused approaches, and its application in the field of coaching, consultation and psychotherapy.

To promote the practice of Solution Focused approaches among professionals, and to engage in the activities for the welfare of the community; and to improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

To create a non judgmental unbiased safe space for all, to discuss and research on SFBT.


A space for enhancing awareness and knowledge, and to encourage research in SFBT.

To promote disciplinary innovation, building research capacity across disciplinary boundaries, and encouraging creative collaborative activities of multi-, inter-, or post- disciplinary kind in mental health research.

To set up, establish, run and maintain different educational & research institutions to provide suitable education, training, research etc. for advancement of knowledge and promotion of research in various scientific disciplines and especially that promotes mental and physical wellbeing.


The Association for Solution Focused Practices – India (ASFP-I), was founded in 2011. It was formerly named as the Group for Research and Change (GRC) which was later renamed as The Association for Solution Focused Practices – India (ASFP-I) in 2015. The association was registered as a charitable organization in 2016. Dr. Usha Vasudevan was elected as the first president, Vice presidency was handed to Dr. Z. A Ashraf, and Dr. Jaseem Koorankot was the elected general secretary. Dr. Baijesh, Dr. Dhanesh and Ihjaz Abdul Majeed became the other office bearers.
In the re election in 2018, Dr. Santhosh became the President, and the preexisting executive members were made board members. The association conducted its first event in 2011 for teachers about solution focused brief approaches in Kuttiady, Calicut. The association decided to conduct the International Annual Conference (ICSFP) and International Training Conferences (ITCBT) bi- annually. In 2016, the association hosted the first International Annual Conference (ICSFP), at the University of Calicut. In 2017, the International Training Conference on Solution Focused Practices was hosted for the first time in IMHANS, Calicut. And in 2018, the second ICSFP was conducted at Christ University, Bengaluru; and the second ITCBP was hosted at IMHANS, Calicut in the year 2019. ICSFP 2020 was conducted through an online platform during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Board Members