ASFP-I is a wide network for Interdisciplinary research and promotes the collaboration of like-minded people. Affiliating with ASFP-I helps in utilizing and exchanging the Research lab, academic related materials, and other shared resources of various institutions. By becoming an affiliated institute, you will be available for conducting conference, workshops and training programs. ASFP-I provides credit points for the participants of the program conducted by the affiliated institutes, thereby increasing the credibility and quality assurance of the program. Affiliated institutions can get a chance to host the annual conference of ASFP-I upon request.

Criterias for institution affiliation

  • The institution must have at least three years experience of providing solution focused training program or present an equivalent competence within a group of trainers
  • The institution must present a written summary of the history of the institute and/or active trainers of the institute regarding their qualification both with client work and training.
  • All trainers must have a relevant professional degree.
  • The main trainer must have a minimum of eight years in solution focused practices with clients and five years experience providing training.
  • The trainers must actively publish books and/or articles.
  • The trainers must make presentations during national and/or international solutions focused conferences.
  • In order to affiliate with us, be ready with the details and photographs of the institute.
  • Provide the details including a photo of the SF facilitator of the institute.
  • More than one facilitator could be added, which will increase the credibility of your institute.
  • Attach two references and two recommendation letters along with the application, and submit the form.