• Collaboration and networking among researchers, facilitators, practitioners and students of solution focused approach around the world
  • Sharing the ideas and evidence based findings of solution-focused approach with the extensive reach
  • Your membership contribution will also help fund scholarships and awards, organize conferences and numerous other initiatives.
All Members of the ASFP-I will receive:
  • Journal subscription- SFLit (Solution Focused Literature), the official journal of ASFP-I.
  • Discount in the Registration fee of ASFP-I conferences, according to their membership category (Annual conference of ASFP-I, with 20 credit hours training).
  • The opportunity to participate in task-groups to enrich SF practices
  • Eligibility to apply for research grants by ASFP-I
  • Access to the SF community around the world
  • Partnership with like-minded organizations and institutes in India and Abroad

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Any professional with 20 training credit hours in Solution Focused Approach- 1000 INR + Service charge / Year

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Clinician/Academician/Trainer with 60 training credit hours in Solution Focused Approach from accredited organization- 3000 INR + Service charge / Year

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Anyone who are interested in Solution Focused Approaches- 500 INR + Service charge/Year

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